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…what’s with all this focus on “fiduciary”?

I received this question in response to a comment I contributed to a discussion thread on social media the other day.

It was not a friendly question, asked out of curiosity.

It was, instead, the opening salvo in an angry tirade filled with venom and vituperation.

I guess I failed in my task of building popular support for a fiduciary future.

Or, maybe not?

I read somewhere this quote that I remember as being attributed to Mahatma Ghandi:

“First, they ignore you. Then, they ridicule you. Then, they attack you. Then, you win.”

I was ignored for many years. Recently, I have been honored with numerous snarky comments by Internet trolls. Now maybe, the attacks are beginning.

If so, that will be progress!

Whether or no, it is always good to work at getting better at engaging people in taking a journey into new learning about Who decides? Who decides where the money can, should and will be made to go to shape our present and our future? Are they the right deciders? Who might be different that might also be better?

It’s a big, rambling story that seems to require jump aheads and look backs that defy a simple, linear, logical presentation. Sometimes, an artful juxtaposition of words feels more effective at positing some new ways so seeing the situation than text in sentences and paragraphs.

It is a story that begs to be told through conversation at the vanguard of a new public discourse about money and finance and enterprise and the economy and the sociology of social decision making and the world as we need and want it to be made to be.

Perhaps the attached can serve as a primer, to get that conversation started…





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