Open Letter to Fiduciaries

A proposal to fiduciaries to lead global stewardship

To the fiduciary owners
of society’s fiduciary money:

Pension funds are designed to live on in perpetuity to the benefit of their members living now and in the far future. Pension funds are designed to deliver a “pension promise.”

Might you agree?

If so, what are you doing, as a fiduciary in control of your pension fund or endowment, to ensure that it will be here in the future?

Specifically, what are you capitalizing now to ensure a thriving fund for future members, perhaps those not yet born? How are you managing the global pandemics that affect the long-term health of your fund so that you can fulfill the obligation to secure the fund for the long haul?

At Bank of Nature, we want to catalogue that work as evidence of global stewardship — or inspire it.

Our concern arises because we see you taking the fiduciary money society is entrusting to your fiduciary ownership and turning that money over to professionals expert in corporate finance. They use those aggregated savings to speculate on markets and exchanges like Wall Street, without balancing the near-term returns with long term damage.

We understand that you might think you have no other fiduciary choice, and that this is the best that you can do.

We write to make you aware of another interactive fiduciary choice.

Fiduciary finance, a properly sized channel for your sizable funds, is being invented by Bank of Nature.

We urge you to explore this exciting, innovative and practical new choice for putting the fiduciary money entrusted to your fiduciary ownership to work in powerful alignment with your fiduciary duty to now, and to the future.

We imagine a world already sustainable. We see our evolution of fiduciary finance as the path to realize that vision. Reevaluating the role of money as a unifying tool for future prosperity puts the spotlight on large stewardship funds with the scale and mission to pay for endgame sustainability. That’s our term for a destination for all this front-end work and the essence of a good Anthropocene.

The drivers are intergenerational loyalty, human excellence and a sharing/interactive economy that includes nature. We invite you to explore and participate in our work to build out a global proxy for nature that works independently of global government and transnational industry.

You have the power to be heroes for our climate and other global pandemics. This is what you were designed to do. Join us in our effort to help you take on that role.

Yours in trust,

Ian Edwards
Tim MacDonald

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