New Possibilities for Exercising Personal Agency
in Social Decision Making

Social Narratives are the set design in the drama of human social decision making.

They provide the frames within which words are given meaning, and the context into which data is placed to create information as data-in-context that motivates choice and drives action.

The social narrative of The Fiduciary Way includes within a thread of fiduciary duty a storyline of common sense as the evidentiary standard for fiduciary faithfulness, prudence and loyalty.

This is our point of entry, as reasonable people self-selected from among the general population of everyday people living our every day lives as caring enough to participate in evolving our shared common sense of fiduciary prudence and loyalty as new 21st Century Global Citizens in the new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money.

Choosing New Beginnings

To be human is to live in a world that we choose to make for ourselves, a safe and dignified house for humanity, that we construct for ourselves, to separate ourselves from the vagaries and uncertainties of Nature into which we all are born, by putting learning about how the world about us works, and how we can change the way the world works, to make it work more a way we choose to make it, into action collaboratively co-creating technologies in surpluses that we exchange transactionally, for a price paid in money or other value.

This is the economy: a network of collaborations separated by work and linked together by transactions to create a world in which we live that is apart form, but also a part of Nature into which we all our born.

This network of collaborations that is our safe house requires constant maintenance, episodic repair and ongoing innovation, because times change, and we must evolve new learning and invent new technologies, and new collaborations – new enterprises for putting new learning into action making new technologies available, transactionally – through which to adapt to the changes in our changing times, to keep our house safe, and our lives dignified.

All this maintenance, repair and innovation needs to be organized, synchronized and coordinated.

It just does.

Decisions must be made socially, by all of us, in community, and so we, as humanity living together in society, innovate social structures through which communities make these necessary social decisions.

In our times, today, we have evolved four primary social structures through which we make these social decisions:

  1. Civil Society;
  2. Enterprise;
  3. Finance;
  4. Government.

Within each of these social structures, diverse institutions are authorized by society to make different decisions for society, institutionally, according to the logic of each institution.

These institutions, and the individuals who are authorized to act for them, with their power and authority, are the stewards of our safe house, responsible for maintaining, repairing and innovating the networks of collaborations and transactions that is our economy, and our possibility for living well,, and with dignity, individually and in society.

It is important to the dignity, integrity and longevity of society that these diverse institutions make their various institutional decisions authentically, each according to its purpose and design.  And so each of society’s social structures for social decision making includes holds the various institutions of social decision making accountable for authenticity to their purpose and integrity in their institutional decision making.

And this is where we have a problem today: our architectures of accountability for Finance are being disabled. We do not have the ability to effectively hold our institutions of Finance accountable, for authenticity to purpose and integrity in decision making.

Finance has gone rogue!

We hold Civil Society accountable through the Marketplace of Ideas, and the rules of common sense through public discourse.

We hold Enterprise accountable through the Marketplace for “Stuff”, and popular choice of fitness for purpose and price for performance in commercial transactions under conditions of competition.

We hold Government accountable through electoral politics, and the marketplace for votes at the ballot box.

But how do we hold our Financiers accountable for the choices they are making about where the money can, should and will be made to go to finance enterprise that shapes our economy?

We can’t.

Because we are allowing Market Makers Making Money Making Markets in share price trading through Exchanges & Funds to divert Fiduciary Money into share price trading: fiduciary duties of impartiality across current and future generations are being abandoned in favor of maximizing profit extraction in the moment, from moment to moment, in reckless disregard of the future consequences of present choices – a glaring violation of both loyalty and prudence.

And that is triggering a domino effect of collapsing structures of accountability across the continuum of capital that is spilling out into Enterprise and Government leaving Civil Society apoplectic about the bad actions of corporations and politicians who are acting badly, that we seem, as a society, structurally incapable of doing anything that will actually work at putting a stop to these bad actors acting badly.

The problem is that Civil Society is willfully refusing to look at the root of the problem, which is Finance, and within Finance, the Neoliberal Financialization of Fiduciary Money for share price trading in blatant disregard of all common sense of authenticity and integrity of institutional decision making to institutional purpose.

And that failing is our failing. Yours. And mine. We are buying into the social narratives of Neoliberalism, and in the process surrendering our power to hold our institutions of social decision making accountable for the decisions they are making.

We are letting the wrong experts, with the wrong expertise, put themselves in charge, and they are making so that they are accountable only to each other. Not to us.

The solution is a simple act of will. A choice, that we each and and must make for ourselves, to reject the social narratives of Neoliberalism, and to choose instead the new social narratives of The Fiduciary Way. To make that Way our own way of being human in the world, as new 21st Century Global Citizens in a new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money, living our best lives as Earthlings, on Earth, in the 21st Century, and beyond…

That choice will motivate action, to join a new conversation for articulating a new shared global common sense of fiduciary prudence and loyalty for Fiduciary Money, recognizing the power of our Pensions & Endowments as institutional fiduciary owners of intergenerational fiduciary money, to negotiate, and demanding that the individuals who act with the authority of those institutions exercise this power to negotiate to negotiate fiduciary minimum cash flow, plus upside, equity payback/earnback financings for fiduciary-grade social contracts between enterprise and popular choice to shape a fiduciary economy of technological sufficiency, social equity and habitat longevity, now and in the future, forever.

That action begins here, on this website,, learning and adopting the narratives of The Fiduciary Way.

It continues in our everyday conversations about the shape of the economy, and the accountability of our social structures for social decision making.

And in Peace Cafes that will be organized as fiduciary places that will provide safe spaces for our own individual contributions to local community engagement in global curated conversations about what is, and what is not, fiduciary in the deployment of Fiduciary Money as financing for enterprise to shape the economy.