New Leverage Points for Social Activism

Science & Civil Society

Social Activism

Fiduciary Money

Enterprise that shapes the Economy

Nature & Society

technological sufficiency, social equity and habitat longevity for living our best lives in the 21st Century, and beyond…

Social Activism


Fiduciary Finance

New steps in a new process 

engaging with People Who Care self-selected from the general population of everyday people living our everyday lives as new 21st Century Global Citizens in the new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money

in globally curated conversations about the future consequences of present choices

to innovate our adaptively evolving shared common sense of what is, and what is not, fiduciary in the deployment of fiduciary money as financing for enterprise to shape our economy

holding Pensions & Endowments accountable as Institutional Fiduciary Owners of Intergenerational Fiduciary Money, for their faithfulness to the present and the future, both equally, in the prudent exercise of their plenary fiduciary powers to negotiate in undivided loyalty to their fiduciary purpose, to be there, now and in the future, both equally, in a present and a future that are both worth being there in.

These are the principles…

…what are the details?

Preventing the creation of problems for Nature and Society through Enterprise and Finance, rather than correcting them!

What needs to change?

Climate & Energy

Land Use & Biodiversity

Workers’ Rights

Inclusion & Social Equity

Finance & the Economy

Our Common Sense of Fiduciary Prudence

Fiduciary Duty Requires Prudence

Prudence requires a thoughtful reckoning with the impacts of present decisions on future possibilities.

Thoughtful reckoning requires circumspection and reflection.

A sense of history. A knowledge of science. An awareness of current events, and prevailing thought leadership in relevant domains.

In Business, this is called R&D.

In Prudent Fiduciary Practice, there should also be time and money committed to a kind of Superfiduciary R&D.

Within the currently popular social narrative of Neoliberalism, this work. like virtually all exercise of fiduciary discretion, is being outsourced by Fiduciary Money as Asset Owners to the Asset Management Industry, which concentrates that work on innovating new kinds of Financial Assets for Asset Managers to “manage”, using Fiduciary Money.

In the new social narrative of The Fiduciary Way, this work will be done by, or under the direction of, Fiduciaries in undivided loyalty to their fiduciary purpose of being there in the future, in a future that will be worth being there in, for them, for their qualifying beneficiaries and for all of society, more generally.

Part of this work can and must include engaging with Social Activities to reckon with the social issues of the day.

The new social narrative of The Fiduciary Way shows Social Activists a new point of engagement with Pensions & Endowments as Institutional Fiduciary Owners of Intergenerational Fiduciary Money to the shared common sense of a new 21st Century Global Citizenship of the new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money.

Mapping the Social Structures of
Authority and Accountability

Theories of Change

Social norms, social narratives and social contracts

  • Art & Science (Academia, Research, Scholarship, Culture)
  • Engineering & Exchange (Business, Enterprise)
  • Money & Finance
  • Law & Policy

Civil Society

Campaigns of education and mobilization for public discourse, social shaming (enterprise and finance),  and voting/donating/protesting (government law and policy)

Values & Ethics

  • Purchasing/Procurement/Trade/Supply Chains, Consummables)
  • Government and Community/Public Relations
  • Built Environments for Doing Business (Plant & Equipment, FF&E, Durables)
  • Working Conditions & Compensation (Payroll & Benefits, Workplace Safety, Contracted Service Providers)
  • Marketing, Labeling and Packaging, Distribution, Advertising and Sales
  • Finance and Profit Sharing


Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG-style disclosures for transparency in service of accountability through social sharing and government regulation in the absence of self-regulation

Authenticity & Integrity

  • patronage of IMPACT by Family & Friends (Family Offices, Rich People)
  • grants for MISSION from Church & Philanthropy (giving by Foundations and funding from Universities)
  • subsidies for POLICY through Taxing & Spending (Government)
  • temporary monetization of PROPERTY through Banking & Lending (credit/debt, loans, borrowing and lending)
  • securitization for speculation on [PROGRESS]GROWTH through Exchanges & Funds (the Markets)
  • negotiation for SUFFICIENCY by Pensions & Endowments (Fiduciary Money)


as appropriate to the decision-making logic and money deploying mechanics of the different kinds of Money

Let’s discuss!

Law and Policy

Litigation and Regulation: punishing bad actors when they act badly – self-regulation to avoid regulation 

Taxing and Spending to (re)shape the economy (post-distribution redistribution)


public discourse

evidence and testimony in official proceedings (judicial, legislative, administrative)


voter mobilization

protest in the public square. (“torches and pitchforks”)

  • public/peer pressure/social shaming of Family & Friends to shape how they define IMPACT
  • social contracts with Science and Society, faithfulness to MISSION for Church & Philanthropy
  • voting, fundraising, public protest to shape POLICY for Taxing & Spending by Government
  • consumer choice and government regulation for safe and sound Banking & Lending
  • market participation/share selection (vote your wallet), shareholder activism (vote your proxy), social shaming and governmental regulation of Exchanges & Funds
  • 21st Century Global Citizenship in the new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money deployed The Fiduciary Way


is new.

It is not yet a thing.

Depending on the social cause you are passionate about, it may be in your best interest to help us make it a thing.

  • conversation
  • legislation
  • litigation

Climate, and other the challenges in our changing times that require humanity to take action at the scale of climate, in the time of climate, collaboratively, as Earthlings living together on one shared Earth.