New Career Paths for Experts in Fiduciary Finance

What is your expertise?

  • patronage for enterprise by Family Offices (Family & Friends)
  • grant making for Foundations (Church & Philanthropy)
  • government programs (Taxing & Spending)
  • lending against collateral and credit (Banking & Lending)
  • timing the markets (Exchanges & Funds)
  • modeling cash flows (Pensions & Endowments)

In today’s economy, lots of professionals with excellent skills as financial analysts find our work reduced to picking a stock price, or timing a sale.  We find ourselves in competition with people who have no skills with spreadsheets, but are really good at “reading the herd”. Or, writing algorithms.  Unless you want to “slice and dice” before “pumping and dumping” in Private Equity.

Very unsatisfying. If you have any kind of a conscience.

The Fiduciary Way is changing all that!

The social purpose of institutional investors, like Pensions and Endowments – the real money; not the money runners – is NOT to “stake” market timers in timing the markets, or pump-and-dumpers while they slice-and-dice (2 and 20 in 7-10).

It is to deliver on The Pension Promise (or income to civil society, though Endowments). Reliably. Predictably. Consistently. Every month. Forever. Without fail.

Markets fail. Pensions & Endowments cannot.

Negotiating cash flow financings with enterprise directly is better for Pensions & Endowments, than staking market timers to time the markets.

They need skilled financial analysts to design those financings.

They need you.

You need us.

We are upgrading society’s social narratives about Pensions & Endowments, from Asset Ownership to Institutional Fiduciary Owners of Intergenerational Fiduciary Money.

In the process we are creating new positions for professionals within the new business ecosystem of Fiduciary Finance and Fiduciary Equity.

Skills that will be valued in this new ecosystem will include:

  • art-science thinking about the changes in our changing times;
  • enterprise thinking about the flourish and fade of social contracts between enterprise and popular choice (technology and markets);
  • multi-investor funds, sales and administration;
  • financial modeling for fiduciary sufficiency;
  • enterprise design for fiduciary-grade cash flows;
  • legal, transactions;
  • accounting, mediating the tensions of prudent stewardship