Putting Humanity Back Into the Economy

upgrading our social narratives of money and finance and enterprise and the economy and the social structures of social decision-making and the accountability of institutions for authenticity and integrity in the social decisions they make, institutionally

The “safe house” of a good economy needs to be more or less constantly updated, innovated and renovated to be right for changing times, as times change, and humanity innovates prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes, making new choices more popular as better fit to the changing times, and letting previously popular choices fade into history, as a good fit at an earlier time. Enterprising visionaries show us new possibilities. When enterprise needs money, Finance provides it. Finance is how society decides where the money can, should and will be made to go in choosing new beginnings from among the prevailing possibilities.

Innovations For Choosing New Beginnings From Among The Prevailing Possibilities

it’s less about what we choose, and more about how we choose it

What choices of new beginnings do you think Fiduciary Money should be choosing?

As a fiduciary finance professional?

As a new 21st Century Global Citizen in the new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money?

new learning about managing the tensions between the individual and society in social decision making

a new social narrative of the economy
as a mutual aid society,
imagined as a network of
transactions in technologies,
for putting learning into action
taking the world about us
as we find it
and changing it to be more a
way we choose to make it,

The world we make in which to live, out of the world of Nature into which we all are born

collaboratively co-creating
and re-creating
a safe house for humanity
that changes over time
to fit the changing times
as times change,
and Humanity evolves
prosperous adaptations
to life’s constant changes

Let’s explore our own
personal and individual
points of connection
to the social structures
for social decision making
through Finance

mediating the tensions between opposites that shape our daily lives through social structures for social decision making about the work we are going to do, and the wealth we are going to share, choices that we can only make for ourselves, individually, from among the possibilities that are provided to us all, socially, which is to say, institutionally, through the social constructs of Civil Society, Enterprise, Finance and Government, accountable to the people for authenticity and integrity in the exercise of institutional authority, true to the institutional logic of each institution.

How do you want to the tensions to be mediated?

What work do you want of do?
What wealth do you want to share?
What work do you want others to do,
and how do you want others to
share the wealth that their work creates?

Who decides?

what work will be done,
and by whom?

and what wealth will be shared,
and by whom?

Who decides who decides?
How do we hold the deciders
accountable for the decisions
that they make?

Money Matters.

Finance Matters. Institutions Matter.

a new social narrative about the social structures of human social decision making in the 21st Century

for fixing finance to fix the climate and reshape our economy
from growth to sufficiency
for living our best lives in the 21st Century, and beyond…

The Growth Narrative that
we inherited from the 20th Century,
that the 20th Century
inherited from the 19th Century,
is obsolete in the 21st Century.
Not fit for our purposes.
Not right for our times.
We need to innovate!

theory shapes experience,
until experience changes,
then the theory has to be updated,
restated and innovated

19th Century

Nature is vast, and we are not. We stand at the creative edge of an infinitely receding horizon of possibilities out of which we can take, and take and take, without ever reckoning with the consequences of our taking, because those consequences will always just disappear into the frontier, absorbed back into Nature, without consequence to us.


Two World Wars
fought at
Industrial Scale


A Silent Spring

20th Century

The New Frontier is:

  1. Space
  2. the Suburbs
  3. Global Markets
  4. anything that will keep transaction volumes and share prices in the share price trading markets going up, so that market makers can keep making money making markets in the share price trading markets




Climate Change


a cascading
cavalcade of
social failings

21st Century

Our Shared Future
is the New Frontier

  • technological propriety
  • social equity
  • habitat longevity
  • living our best lives, in the 21st Century, and beyond…

20th Century Neoliberal Growth is 19th Century Progress, reduced to numbers, and stripped of its humanity, as the unqualified quantitive increase in transaction volumes measured as prices paid in money from one period to the next.

This is good for market makers who make money making markets for trading in share prices.

Is it really that good for the rest of us?

Is there another way? An Untaken Safer Alternative?

Our Hypothesis:

the innovation we need is

The Fiduciary Way

authenticity and integrity
in social decision making
through Finance,
and within Finance,
along the entire
Continuum of Capital
reckoned with
and rectified by
Pensions & Endowments,
as Institutional Fiduciary Owners
of Intergenerational Fiduciary Money
and Superfiduciary Stewards of
Society’s Social Superfunds
for social purposes,
as a private benefit
that is a public good,
deploying the fiduciary money
entrusted to their plenary discretion
through negotiated agreements
on fiduciary minimum cash flow,
equity payback/earnback, plus upside,
financings for fiduciary-grade social contracts
between enterprise and popular choice,
to set new community standards
for the conduct of commerce
by enterprise, generally

Thought Experiments
to test the hypothesis

building up the context
within which this text
will acquire resonance
and the ring of truth