Thought Leadership

Paying Ourselves to
Make More Nature

(and not less)

building towards


Nature is a bank

Climate change is an eviction notice

We owe an enormous debt to Nature, and if we do not repay that debt soon, we are going to get thrown off the planet.

Bank of Nature is being imagined as a Proxy for Nature, to pay our Debt to Nature by changing the way we pay each other for the costs of prudent stewardship of our relationships to Nature, and to each other, in our transactions in technology.

Bank of Nature is being imagined as a new fiduciary financing institution for Institutional Fiduciary Owners of Institutional Fiduciary Money (Pensions & Endowments).

The bank is being designed as a for-profit enterprise to become engaged in the business of organizing and administering multi-investor funds for deploying Fiduciary Money as financing for fiduciary-grade social contracts between enterprise and popular choice through fiduciary minimum cash flow equity payback, plus upside, agreements negotiated directly with enterprising visionaries who agree to prioritize enterprise cash flow for:

  1. Popularity in the social contract with popular choice;
  2. Sufficiency of enterprise cash flows to the needs of the business, including financing agreements, fiduciary and otherwise;
  3. Fair Trade in all supply chains (line-item budget allowances for Consummables/OPEX);
  4. Fair Engagement with Law and Community (line-item budge allowances for Government and Public Relations, regulatory compliance, litigation etc.);
  5. Fair Reckoning with impacts on Nature and Society (line-item budget allowances for Built Environment: land and buildings; physical plant and equipment; furniture, furnishings and equipment; Durabales/CAPEX);
  6. Fair Working conditions and compensation (Payroll and related);
  7. Fair Dealing with customers and competitors (product design; packaging and labeling; marketing and distribution; advertising and sales); and
  8. Fair Sharing between the enterprise visionaries and their financiers, fiduciary and otherwise (the Capital Continuum (replacing the Capital Stack).