The Whole Story, Quickly Told

An Updated Continuum of Capital

The Need for New Words, New Frames, a New Vocabulary

The Current Neoliberal Ecosystem

The New Fiduciary Ecosystem

A Traditional Text Version of the Telling

Deeper Dives into Select Details

Critiquing Neoliberalism

Innovating The Fiduciary Way

Imagining Bank of Nature

Heroes of Climate Action

Earthlings, on Earth

The Fiduciary Way to Shape the Economy

Positions for You?

The Real Power of Pensions

A New Moneyed Ally for Civil Society

New Career Paths for Financing Professionals

New Financing Options for Enterprising Visionaries

New Possibilities for Individuals Exercising Personal Agency

New Collaborations within the Continuum of Capital

New Public-Social-Private Partnerships

New Leverage Points for Social Activism

Sidecar Funds for Individuals

Mapping Positions in the New Ecosystem of Fiduciary Financing the Fiduciary Way: What is YOUR Position?

Index of Images

This graphic shows us in juxtaposition the four primary themes of The Fiduciary Way, with commentary on each theme:

  1. Economics, Finance, Pensions and the Social Importance of The Pension Promise
  2. the Completed Continuum of Capital
  3. the vanguard of public discourse
  4. Choosing new beginnings along the creative edge of technological sufficiency, social equity and habitat longevity for living our best lives in the 21st Century, and beyond…

This graphic shows us the completed Continuum of Capital, and highlights the problem of inauthentic GROWTH replacing the authentic logic gate of PROGRESS in the Exchanges & Funds social structure for social decision making through Finance that is created by the popular acceptance of the Neoliberal social narrative.

This graphic shows us the new social narrative of the Fiduciary Way with commentaries on the twin false premises of Neoliberalism: that there is no connection between Finance/Money as numbers and the physical realities that are created for people through decisions about money through finance; and that money and institutions don’t matter in social decision making.

This graphic shows us our uniquely human way of being human in the world as mediating diverse tensions between opposites of various kinds.

It references the wisdom of Philosopher of Accounting Paolo Quattrone, who teaches us to appreciate the power of financial accounting to mirror back to us HOW we are mediating these various tensions through our choices about where the money will come from and be made to go, so we can reflect on HOW WELL we are actually doing at mediating these tensions in good ways.

This graphic uses an image by famed graphic designer Paul Glaser (of I [heart] New York fame) that society and the economy are both ways in which we, as humans, are humans only together with others, while also being individuals with our own uniqueness. This is an important tension that society must mediate through Finance: the tension between alone and together.

The social narrative of Neoliberalism equivocates on this tension, as it does on so many other things, asserting the primacy of the individual against togetherness, while also asserting the primacy of Markets, which we can only create together.